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The Pawning Process 

Items can be pawned or at our store 
Kearns Pawnbrokers & Jewellers 69 Queens Street Smithfield Dublin 7
for instant cash.

We can lend from €20  upwards in one quick & easy  transaction no credit checks, meetings or forms.
Pawned items can be redeemed at any time before the contract expires by repaying the loan and interest due, alternatively you can repay the interest and a new four month contract will be issued.  

Valid Photo I.D. is essential to pawn items at
Kearns Pawnbrokers.

Sell Your Gold/ Jewellery / High Quality Watches and more

To sell your gold, simply bring old, unwanted, broken scrap gold jewelry to our store 67 Queens Street Smithfield Dublin 7. We are happy to give you an instant valuation and if an agreement is met, we will give you instant cash in exchange for your jewellery. Valid Photo I.D. is essential

Buy Unclaimed Items
Items that are pawned and not reclaimed within the specified period of time will be sold to the public at auction. 


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